Brazilian Wax Etiquette And Steps To Follow

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If you are a first-timer, then there are some things that you must know before you decide to get a Brazilian wax.

For smoothest waxing, here are certain waxing etiquette to follow that will make your experience safe and easy.

The Brazilian waxing etiquette to follow is relatively straightforward. A lot of this might just seem like common sense – but even that is not always quite common.

We are certain you already know these, but we are still here to remind if in case there is a small chance that you were either unsure about something or had forgotten it.

So here are the waxing etiquette to follow for a Brazilian wax session.

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Do Your Primary Research

Once you know the procedure to some extent, do some research on what type of products to use – or not use – and when.

This etiquette is applicable for both first-timers and those who are already familiar with Brazilian waxing.

If you are making appointments at a parlor or waxing center, check if they are certified by the health and safety department.

In any situation, it’s imperative for you to stay aware.

For instance, if you see the worker not wearing gloves or perhaps going for double-dipping (i.e., dunking the same spatula that has been used before), it would be in your best interest to let them know that what they are doing is making you feel uncomfortable.

So, always find yourself a well-known professional or a salon with the best reviews. You don’t want to suffer because of the ineptitude of others.

Be Punctual On The Day Of Appointment

If you are planning to get the job done at a salon or waxing center, then make sure to be punctual on the day of the appointment.

This is one of the most important waxing etiquettes out there as waxing is a matter of comfort for both you and the beautician who is doing the waxing.

You being at the parlor on time will give them a sense of relief too. It is always a positive sign to arrive on time, or just a little early if possible.

The aesthetician in charge may want to prepare for the session by asking you some questions and discussing the process with you first – especially if you are a first-timer.

If you arrive late, they may not get the chance to confer with you much, and it will only cause you more inconvenience as it is always a bit awkward the first time around.

While it is only natural to expect some level of awkwardness on your part, try to loosen up a bit and stay as calm and casual as possible – this will put your aesthetician at ease too, and they will be able to do the job in a more relaxed way.

Keep The Length Of Hair Perfect

Believe it or not, having shorter and trimmed hair makes your first time a lot less painful. A short hair length makes it easier for the wax to stick to it.

Aestheticians recommend the length of your pubic hair should be about the size of a grain of rice, minimum ¼th of an inch long.

If any longer, let’s say about ½ an inch, then you might want to trim the hair a bit so that the wax can grab on the hair more quickly. This will make it trouble-free for both the person waxing and the person getting waxed.

Exfoliate Before And After Waxing

exfoliation process and exfoliator scrub

Exfoliation and waxing are a pair. If you are planning to get waxed, then getting an exfoliation done beforehand is a must.

Pre-exfoliation makes your skin fresh and will prevent the wax from sticking to patches of skin during the removal. It’s really healthy and keeps the skin hydrated, so it hurts less when you get waxed.

Even with all these outcomes of pre-exfoliation, it is better not to exfoliate right before you get waxed. Make sure to exfoliate at least 24-48 hours before the waxing.

Once you get waxed, it is important to exfoliate again but make sure to wait a few days before doing that too.

The skin will be sore after waxing, and it’s important you don’t scrub it right before or after getting waxed.

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Don’t Use Alcohol Or Caffeine Before Appointment

Don't Use Alcohol

It is recommended that you refrain from using or in-taking alcohol and caffeine on the day of waxing.

Caffeine and alcohol can cause your skin pores to dehydrate and tighten, and this might because pain during hair removal.

If your skin pores are taut, then the hair follicles become hard to remove. So it is suggested that you reduce the intake of these substances as much as possible for a day or two before the appointment.

Pop In A Pain Relief Pill If You Are Scared

Although we have suggested several ways in which you can ensure it hurts the least when you are getting waxed, it is still best to expect some level of pain.

The pain is the most intense the first time around, so if you are scared of it hurting too much, then we suggest you pop in a pain reliever after consulting with your general physician or health expert before you go in for the session.

A mild tranquilizer works pretty well, so you don’t have to worry about taking strong sedations either.

Don’t Tan Before And After Waxing.

If you are one of those tan lovers, then we got an advice for you. Do not use tan or any other chemical down there for at least 48 hours before and after getting a Brazilian wax.

The skin of your bikini zone is very delicate, and waxing can be harsh on it, per se. So it is better not to irritate your skin further with other chemicals like tan or bleach.

Wear Loose And Comfortable Clothes

Loose and Comfortable Clothes

Whether you are taking a trip to the waxing center or doing it at home, we recommend that you wear loose and baggy clothes.

We know you must be naked waist-down to get waxed in the bikini zone but it is, after all, is done when the real trouble with your clothing choice starts.

If you wear tight outfits to the waxing center then it’s going to itch and hurt when you actually start redressing.

So be sure to pick something soft and comfortable during and after getting a Brazilian wax.

Check Your Menstrual Cycle

Waxing on your periods is not the most amazing idea. So we suggest you make sure your periods are not on the way when you are making your appointment or preparing to get waxed at home.

Waxing hurts as it is, your periods on top of that will only make things worse.

As long as you follow all the waxing etiquette and prepare for the session properly, there will be no reason for you to fear the outcome.

Doing it alone at home will largely depend on your self-confidence and endurance for pain, so if you can remain strong, then we can assure you it will be the most hassle-free ever.


Interact With Your Aesthetician

interact with aesthetician

It is always a good idea to know your aesthetician before the appointment, but we suggest you try to interact with them during waxing too.

This will help them relax and will give you some confidence. Most first-timers are scared and fairly so that their aestheticians will rip out the hair painfully.

So it is only natural that the small talk and little interactions might take your mind off of the more adverse imageries in your head.

Before the wax is applied to your body, let your aesthetician know what your preference is. Brazilian wax includes fully bare along with keeping a small strip of hair in the front.

So, if you have any personal preferences, do make sure to let your aesthetician know beforehand so you can enjoy the best out of this experience.

Also, during the process, you may be asked to sit or get on all fours. If you are uncomfortable with any position then speak up and let your aesthetician know of it.

There are many ways to remove your unwanted hair so you don’t have to do everything that is asked.

Put Your Phone On Vibration

Whether you do it at home or at a salon, another important etiquette to always follow is to leave your phone on vibration.

You can use the phone, that is absolutely fine, but you don’t want it to start ringing at the wrong moment and startle you.

If the ringtone blares all of a sudden and surprises you, especially if you are waxing alone at home, then it might cause things to get a little messy. So as the saying goes – better safe than sorry.

Don’t Bring Kids To Parlor

While it is a good idea to go to the salon alone or do it at home when no one is around, you may still choose someone to accompany you just in case.

In the event that you do drag someone along with you to the salon, here’s an advice for you – do not bring along kids.

While most salons will not mind the child sitting in the waiting room, it can still be a problem because waxing takes time and patience. So if possible, bring along a sitter.

But do not think that it means kids are not allowed at the parlor. If your local parlor allows children, then you are more than free to let them tag along on unavoidable circumstances.

Stay Calm & Don’t Fret.

stay calm on waxing bed

We know we must have said it several times, but it is always safe to remind you to remain calm.

You must be prepared for the experience to be a little uncomfortable, especially the first time around, as you will have to be naked and there will be someone snooping close to your vagina.

But that is the most normal process of getting a Brazilian wax. So try to remain as calm as possible. Take deep breaths and try to cooperate with your aesthetician in any way possible.

If you feel that the pain is intolerable, you can ask your beautician to give you short breaks between waxing areas. Although most people prefer getting it done all at once, know that other options are also open for you to choose from.

Don’t stress yourself out because your aesthetician has the experience and you’re not the first person she’s waxing. So, don’t bother your aesthetician with the same thing over and over.

To put it – don’t fret. Your aesthetician will not judge you so all you got to do is relax and just get it done with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most first-timers face the confusion of not being able to tell when getting a Brazilian wax is right or wrong, but we don’t want you to fret about that.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions first-timers have, and our well-researched responses to them.

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last

This answer varies on how fast your hair grows and how dark your hair is. In accordance with getting a Brazilian wax for the first time, you can expect it to last for as long as 6 to 7 weeks at most.

Although your hair is likely to start growing back from the third or fourth week following your waxing appointment.

However, the duration it lasts greatly depends on the growth of the hair, the coarseness of it, as well as how frequently you are used to shaving, prior to getting the Brazilian wax for the first time.

It is recommended that you stay touch-ups with your aesthetician often, to learn more about how you should exfoliate, when you should go back for a second session, and so on.

As that will help even out the growth of your hair and provide longer-lasting results.

However, you should always wait for your hair to grow back to at least ¼ of an inch long before making another waxing appointment since that is the ideal hair length for getting a wax.

What Is The Difference Between A Hollywood Wax And A Brazilian Wax

The concept of a Brazilian wax and a Hollywood wax is quite similar. Both these hair removal methods remove all those unwanted hairs from down under to give you a very clean pubic region.

However, unlike a Brazilian wax session, which gives you the option to go for a full-pubic area waxing or leave a small strip of hair [you can try shapes like triangle, square, rectangle, or oval] at the front, a Hollywood wax, generally, removes all the hair from your private parts, leaving it all bare.

Which Is Better For Your Private Parts, Shaving Or Waxing

Whether you should try shaving or waxing in your pubic area actually depends on your personal choice. However, there are quite a few factors that you should consider before making a decision.

For starters, think about the pain level. While waxing is a quite painful process, shaving doesn’t cause any pain in your sensitive skin.

Then again, there are chances that you might experience cuts and nicks while you shave. Also, shaving your pubic hairs might result in skin prickling as well as ingrown hairs. 

On the other hand, waxing not only removes all the unwanted hairs from your bikini line but also exfoliates the skin to avoid unwanted ingrown hairs.

Waxing is a safer procedure too. You must analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each hair removal method before you make your decision.

Can I Get A Brazilian Wax If I’m On My Period

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually get a Brazilian wax even if you are on your period! But this does not mean you can go in for a waxing session any way you want.

For ease of convenience to both you as the customer and the beautician working with you, it is advised that you resort to either a tampon or a menstrual cup.

This will allow you to feel confident as well as clean and hygienic the entire time the aesthetician works on you.

However, you should keep in mind that getting a Brazilian wax while on your period maybe even more of a painful experience than usual because your pubic area tends to be significantly more sensitive during your time of the month.

However, getting the wax itself when you are on your period might actually not be the smartest move, as the pubic area is generally more sensitive during that period (pun intended!).

Can I Get A Brazilian Wax When I’m Pregnant

wax while pregnant

If you are a pregnant mother, you might be worried about grooming down there in your current condition, not wanting to endanger your health or the health of your child.

Well, we are here to reassure you that getting a Brazilian wax is usually safe for both you and your baby, and actually more hygienic for a to-be mother and her child.

Instead of opting for shaving creams that could potentially be toxic for the new mother and the unborn child. Brazilian waxing uses only safe and hazard-free wax beads.

The only downside to getting a Brazilian wax when you are pregnant though is that it can be super painful on the skin.

This is mainly due to the high estrogen levels in your bloodstream, which further makes the pubic area very sensitive to touch and feel.

You should also keep in mind that any cuts or burns sustained during a waxing appointment might make you susceptible to infections, especially if you have to deliver your baby with a C-section.

Doctors also advise women to avoid getting waxed during the last month of their pregnancy, as it could lead to certain complications.

You should carefully consider all these factors before scheduling a waxing appointment while pregnant.

What If There Is Discharge During Or After A Brazilian Wax

Make sure to properly clean up any vaginal discharge before your appointment so that you can maintain proper hygiene while getting waxed.

In case there is a case of infections as well, it is strictly advised that you check-up with your physician before you sign up for a Brazilian wax appointment.

It is completely normal to experience discharge during and after a Brazilian wax. However, you should always let your aesthetician know about your situation beforehand so that she can be just as prepared as well.

Pubic hair often serves to keep vaginal discharge away from your skin to avoid any kind of irritation, so if your skin seems extremely red and itchy post-wax, it might be best to consult your doctor and check for infections.

Does A Brazilian Wax Include Your Anus

Yes, a Brazilian wax includes the anus, as the main point of sitting for such a waxing session is to completely remove all the hair from your entire nether region.

It extends from the front of the pubic bone and covers all areas around the external genitals, between the thighs, and around the anus, leaving your skin down there completely hair-free.

However, what many people also prefer is to actually keep a strip of hair on the pubic bone, which is known as keeping a “landing strip”. You can even customize and shape according to your preferences.

If you do not want to keep any hair or even have the option to do so, you can opt for a Hollywood wax as mentioned above.

Like the Brazilian wax, a Hollywood wax will also remove all the hair from the nether region. However, it will go all the way over to the backside.

How Much Does A Brazilian Waxing Cost

The price of a Brazilian wax costs anywhere from $50 to $100. The price varies on the location and the salon. Albeit a bit expensive, this method is definitely worth it.

Brazilian wax is much better when compared to the $10 razor which can be bought in any drug store and spending almost 60 minutes a month shaving, which not only gives you razor bumps but also doesn’t get rid of all the hair.

Can I Do A Brazilian Wax At Home

waxing at home

Sure, you can totally go for a Brazilian wax at home, but should you do it? We suggest otherwise.

There are many things that can go wrong while doing a Brazilian wax at home by yourself.

Not being able to get the right angle for the wax placement by yourself will result in you not being able to rip the wax off properly. This, in turn, will lead to bruises.

Not only that, but if the wax is too hot, then you can even burn yourself or rip your skin off if the wax turns too cold. This can lead to hyperpigmentation, scabbing, or even scarring.

Without a professional working on you, there are also chances of you burning yourself with the super-hot wax. Also, you cannot be able to remove all the hair from important regions.

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But, if you have the right knowledge and practice, you can do Brazilian at home for sure.

Does It Hurt To Get A Brazilian Wax

This is one of the most widely asked questions. If you are waxing for the first time, your pubic hair will be thick.

So to answer your question, yes, for the first time, it will hurt a lot, but it also depends on your tolerance level and the area being waxed.

But that won’t be the case for all your Brazilian waxing experiences.

The first time hurts the most, but once the hair structure changes due to consistent waxing, the experience will become easier and less excruciating.

However, if you still feel pain and uncomfortableness during your Brazilian waxing session, using a numbing cream would always help.

A numbing cream would anesthetize the bikini line precisely so that you won’t feel any pain while pulling out the unwanted hairs.

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Should I Go For Strip Wax Or Hard Wax For Brazilian

Strip waxes consist of the process of applying a strip to the top layer of the skin and hair. So, when the strip is pulled, it takes the top layer off your skin along with the hair, thus making this method more painful.

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On the other hand, hard waxes consist of the process of applying hot wax to only the hair.

Hence, your skin is not ripped off but only the hair is, making this process less painful and suitable for sensitive skin.

Is It Okay To Brazilian Wax While Having Genital Piercings Or Tattoos

tattoo on bikini area

If you have a genital piercing, you will most likely be asked to take it off. If, in any case, you can’t take it off, then your aesthetician will remove the hair surrounding the area. This may leave a few stray hairs.

If you have a tattoo, then waxing will only exfoliate which will make your tattoos more prominent.

How To Prevent & Minimize Ingrown Hairs After Waxing

Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution For Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can cause excruciating pain. To prevent these from occurring, you should do a gentle exfoliation before your appointment for a couple of days.

Gentle exfoliation can be done using a washcloth. Prevent using any harsh chemicals or physical exfoliators.

In case you do get an ingrown hair, don’t pick on it. Picking on it will cause irritation or even scarring.

In exchange, apply a bikini-safe treatment for ingrown hair. Doing so will soothe and heal the skin surrounding the ingrown hair.

Final Verdict

We know that Brazilian waxing can be an agonizing experience, but it does not have to be just that. You can enjoy both the experience and have smooth and soft skin like you have had never before.

If you want to wax or not is really up to you, but if you do plan on removing your pubic hair, we suggest you get a Brazilian wax.

Painful though it might be, only waxing can give you the full hair-free experience.

Follow the etiquettes and steps we have provided in this article and never have a bad waxing experience again!