Brazilian Wax Aftercare

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Brazilain waxing is a popular hair removal method that removes all of the hair from the pubic area.

It’s quick and painless, but Brazilian wax aftercare is important to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs.

Waxing aftercare tips are quite similar to the etiquettes you were asked to follow before getting a wax.

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You may not have known, however, that most of these discomforts can actually be easily prevented if you are sufficiently aware of the right way to handle your Brazilian wax aftercare.

7 Tips For Brazilain Wax Aftercare

In order to help you have a happy post-wax experience, we have taken the liberty to compile a comprehensive guide to all the dos and don’t of Brazilian wax aftercare right here!

brazilain wax aftercare steps

1. Stay Cool And Dry

It is best to stay away from water immediately after getting a Brazilian wax.

Your skin tends to be extremely sensitive post-wax and is much more vulnerable to infections, so stagnant bodies of water like pools and bathtubs should be avoided for the first 24-48 hours after getting a wax.

You can take a shower if you need to, but be sure not to use hot water, as the heat will cause irritation.

2. Don’t Touch It!

While you might be tempted to feel the newly smooth texture of your skin post-wax, it is best to not touch the waxed area at all after the procedure.

Frequent touches cause your pores to get clogged up, and transfer bacteria from your fingers to your sensitive post-wax skin, leading to unwanted infections.

3. Do Not Allow Heat To Reach You

Since your newly waxed skin is very susceptible to infections, it is highly recommended that you avoid heat, sweat, and friction.

This means that you should stay away from saunas, tan, beaches, and even the gym.

Sweating after a day of relaxing under the sun or having an intense workout may result in infections and inflammations due to the salt in your sweat aggravating your sensitive post-wax skin.

In order to keep cool, you can apply cold compresses and cooling gels.

4. Keep It Light And Breezy

When it comes to Brazilian wax aftercare, loose, comfortable clothing is your best friend.

As tight-fitting clothes can cause friction, leading to rashes and bumps on your skin, it is wiser to stick to flowing, breathable, cotton ensembles.

Ditch the nylon leggings for a few days and instead opt to wear maxi dresses, bohemian skirts, harem pants, or loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms.

5. Don’t Have Sex

To avoid any sort of chafing, irritation, bumps, and ingrown hair on your delicate newly waxed skin, you need to steer clear of sexual activities for a period of two days after you’ve gotten a Brazilian wax since friction against your skin will result in infections and inflammations.

6. Gently Exfoliate

Two to three days after getting a Brazilian wax, if there is no residual redness of the skin, you can use a mild exfoliator to gently cleanse the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

Do not use a grainy scrub or a rough loofah, as that will irritate the skin and cause breakouts. 

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7. Remember To Moisturize

One of the most important steps in Brazilian wax aftercare is moisturizing. You can begin applying moisturizers approximately 24 hours after your waxing appointment.

In order to prevent clogged pores, you should avoid using heavy lotions, and instead stick to light anti-septic creams infused with herbs that have natural healing properties, such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, or witch hazel.

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Final Verdict On Brazilain Wax Aftercare

Brazilian wax is also a very important one for many women, as it provides them with smoother and more even skin down there.

The waxing process is a bracing experience in itself, and many people additionally complain of post-wax discomfort, including but not limited to redness and irritation of the waxed area, itchiness, and ingrown hair.

You can get rid of these complications and preserve your desired smooth and soft pubic region by following above discussed tips after a Brazilian wax.

Also, its recommended to wax the area every 3-5 weeks for a continuous smooth appearance.