Can You Use High Frequency For Ingrown Hairs?

Do you the perks of removing unwanted hairs from your pubic region?

You guessed it right- INGROWN HAIRS.

The annoying, painful, and prickly hairs beneath the surface of your skin not only look unappealing but also cause severe inflammation, itchiness, and redness on your sensitive skin.

And the discomfort comes by default with these issues. Even though there are a whole lot of ways to treat and prevent ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving, what’s the talk of the town is “High-Frequency Treatments“.

We don’t have any doubts about this modern technology. However, when it comes to treating ingrown hairs, the question always remains,

Can High Frequency Really Treat Ingrown Hairs?

If you want to eliminate and treat ingrown hairs using modern technology, high frequency is your thing.

This skincare technology can actually help you to get rid of such disturbance and the problems associated with it.

You wouldn’t have to suffer from itchiness, irritation, and inflammation anymore and can flaunt your bikini line with confidence.

However, when it comes to how it works, you might get a little confused because treating ingrown hairs with this technology is a newer concept. But then again, it’s not unheard of.

When you place the glass electrode on your waxed skin, you transfer an oscillating high-frequency current into the surface to cause a tingling, warm sensation on the skin.

This procedure loosens the product and dead skin cells buildup that cause ingrown hairs actively to prevent it quicker than ever.

Moreover, when you place the electrode directly on the skin, the mild spark from the high-frequency machine produces oxygen within the skin’s surface to kill bacteria surrounding the ingrown hairs and reduce inflammation and irritation greatly.

After you are done with the treatment, there won’t be any more obstacles barring the trapped hairs emerging from the skin.

And when this happens, there won’t be any ingrown hairs left to cause discomfort under the skin.

Now, you might wonder when you should get a high-frequency treatment to keep annoying ingrown hairs at bay.

Well, according to experts, the best time to try high frequency on your pubic region is one to two weeks after a waxing treatment.

The reason for getting it not done right after the hair removal procedure is that your ingrown hairs don’t show up immediately.

As they take a week and a half after a waxing session to grow back, a high-frequency treatment during such time really be beneficial for you.