Can You Have Sex After A Brazilian Wax?

When Rita got out of the spa after getting a Brazilian wax, her boyfriend called and fixed a date with her later that day.

And she knows that this date night will end up with a hot, steamy sex session- while she loves the idea, she is skeptical whether it’s safe to have sex right after a Brazilian wax or not.

How long to wait for sex after a Brazilian wax?

Well, according to Amanda Bowels, aesthetician of Allure Spa and Makeup in Brooklyn, NY, whether to have sex after a Brazilian wax or not depends on several different factors.

There is no straight “Yes” or “No” answer to this dilemma.

If you are waxing on regular basis for a long time, and your skin is used to Brazilians, labia, and other types of wax, it is probably safe to have sex right after- your skin might not be as reactive.

You can also use a barrier cream [Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment] to avoid any unwanted soreness or uncomfortableness, says Amanda Bowels.

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Then again, even if your skin is well-acquainted with the waxing sessions, getting intimate right after it might actually depend on your technician.

Funny, right? No. If the technician is not skilled, she could potentially break your skin and keep you away from a romantic rendezvous later that evening.

brazilian waxed lady with condom

As a Brazilin wax exfoliates the skin completely, it leaves your skin sensitive and delicate- mentions Samantha Summerson of Four Star Aesthetic Clinic.

If it’s not super urgent, you should wait at least 12 hours before having sex with your partner. Because the pores remain open after a wax session, there are high chances of bacterial attack from an intimate meet.

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Sex after a Brazilian wax also depends on the partner’s hair situation. If your man’s got a fresh trim, his ingrown pubic hair could potentially hurt your freshly waxed skin and get it irritated and sore. In such cases, a barrier cream would really come in handy.

After having said all that, having sex after a Brazilian wax truly depends on individuals. While some women can handle it like a pro, others might feel uncomfortable doing so.

Our recommendation would be to practice whatever you feel the best for you.