Exfoliate Your Vagina After Waxing

“How to exfoliate my vag after waxing”? – We are sure that this is the first question that hits your mind after getting a wax, especially for the first time.

Exfoliation is preferred by many girls as it reduces the growth of ingrown hairs and removes any dead skin cells to make your lady bits look as fresh and radiant as ever before.

However, before learning how to exfoliate the pubic area after a painful waxing session, what you must first know is whether it is safe to exfoliate your vagina after wax or not.

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Exfoliation after a wax session can be tricky- says Allison Weber, head aesthetician of Harmony Spa And Beauty, NYC.

Even though exfoliation after a bikini wax is highly recommended, don’t try it too soon after the hair removal session. 

The bikini area is super sensitive in general. After the wax procedure, it becomes sore, red, and even more sensitive.

When you try to exfoliate your freshly waxed pubic region, the scrub beads create severe friction on your already inflamed and sensitive vagina and irritate it even more.

Because of such an irresponsible act, you might suffer from severe uncomfortableness, inflammation, and itchiness in the most delicate part of your body.

To avoid any uncomfortableness in your vagina area, stick to the 48-hour rule- implies Regina Williams of Splendor Spa Care.

This cardinal rule requires you to wait for at least 2-days after the hair removal session to try and scrub your lady bits and stop the growth of ingrown hairs.

This time-lapse will allow the delicate skin to heal from redness and soreness so that it doesn’t react adversely after the scrubbing session.

Exfoliating your bikini line two to three times a week after waxing is enough to avoid the ingrown hairs and bumps that might appear due to hair regrowth. It will also keep the private area looking fresh and healthy, and beautiful too.

waxed exfoliated vag-pubic area

To exfoliate your vag area after waxing, you can either use a mild store-bought scrubber [such as this La Roche-Posay Ultra-Fine Scrub for Sensitive Skin] or can make your own at your home.

A simple, homemade brown sugar scrub would make for an excellent option for your sensitive lady parts. 

Either way, scoop a bit of your preferred scrub and rub it between your hands to soften it a bit. Then, gently massage it on the pubic area in a circular motion to remove all the dead skin cells and unclog all the clogged pores.

This simple yet effective procedure will make your vagina/pubic area soft, smooth, and lustrous.

After 3- 4 minutes, rinse off the scrub and clean the area perfectly. Pat dry the area with a soft towel and finish off the session with an excellent moisturizer. It will provide the much-needed hydration in your super sensitive skin.