Argon Vs Neon High Frequency

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High frequency is an extremely popular skincare technology that is used to treat a whole lot of skin and hair problems in both men and women.

And this is enough to influence people to buy this tool for their beauty regimen.

However, when it comes to buying a high-frequency machine, most people get confused between neon and argon gas high-frequency electrodes because they don’t know which would be the best for their specific problems.

As all the high-frequency machines function by using either argon or neon gas-filled electrodes to treat various skin and hair-related problems, it is important that you know about these gasses before picking up the right machine or right attachment for you.

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Argon High-Frequency Electrode

As the name suggests, high-frequency argon electrodes are filled with argon gas. Argon is a blue/violet gas used to treat specific problems in your skin and hair.

When this violet gas-filled electrode comes in contact with your skin, it transfers a minimal amount of ultraviolet light to heal and improve your skin condition significantly. 

Its anti-bacterial properties help kill the impurities and bacterial growth from deep within so that your face is as fresh as ever. And as the amount of UV light is super low, it doesn’t harm or damage your precious skin in any shape or form.

Now you might wonder, what exactly can argon gas do for your skin and hair?

Well, an argon gas high-frequency machine fights acne and acne-causing bacteria effectively.

The anti-bacterial ultraviolet light from the argon electrode penetrates deep into the skin layer and kills acne and breakout-causing bacteria from the inside.

This action clears your face and helps to reduce the unsightly acne drastically for flawless skin.

The argon high frequency also helps to minimize the appearance of pores to present you with smoother skin.

As it creates an anti-bacterial environment in your face, it kills the accumulated bacteria trapped in the pores and helps them to shrink quicker than ever.

Besides eliminating acne and breakout, the argon gas-filled high-frequency electrode can also fight bacterial buildup on your scalp effectively to enhance your hair condition.

Just like fighting acne-causing bacteria, this electrode eliminates the bacterial and fungal buildup on your head skin so that you not only have a healthier scalp but also experience an improved hair regrowth cycle.

Even though an argon gas electrode treats a handful of skin and hair complications, it is not effective on a bunch of other problems. You need a neon high-frequency electrode to take care of those concerns for a beautiful, spotless face.

Neon High-Frequency Electrode

A neon high-frequency electrode is also a gas-filled glass electrode that is used to cure certain skin concerns.

However, unlike argon electrodes, a neon electrode is filled with red/orange gas and works very differently on your skin. The red gas transfers more warmth to the affected area and treats it from the dermis layer for more precise results.

It promotes blood circulation, stimulates cellular turnover rate as well as helps the skincare product to penetrate better to improve your skin texture and tone drastically.

So, what exactly are the skin problems that neon high frequency can fight to provide you with gorgeous skin?

To start with, neon electrodes are the most popular ones for treating different signs of aging in your face. 

As it encourages cell regeneration and boosts collagen production, this special gas helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles from your face quicker than ever for youthful skin.

Moreover, because of increased collagen production and enhanced blood circulation, this gas electrode also eliminates dark spots and scars actively so that your face is as spotless and fresh as ever.

Neon gas electrodes are not only beneficial for the skin but also have several advantages for the hair too.

Because it stimulates blood circulation and increases cell turnover on the scalp, this high-frequency glass attachment makes hair roots stronger than before and reduces hair fall greatly. It also promotes newer hair growth to give you a fuller look.

Argon Vs Neon High Frequency

Argon Vs. Neon High Frequency: A Comparison Table

Even though we have discussed both argon and neon high frequencies and their benefits in detail, let’s summarize them for a quick overlook.

Properties Argon High Frequency Neon High Frequency
Gas Color Violet/Blue Red/Orange
How It Works Provides a small amount of ultraviolet light into the skin Transfers warmth to the skin
Works On Acne Yes No
Fights Wrinkles And Fine Lines No Yes
Eliminates Pores Yes No
Improves Hair Regrowth Yes Yes
Best High-Frequency Machine APREUTY Argon Gas High-Frequency Machine NuDerma Portable Handheld High-Frequency Machine

Our Thoughts On Argon Vs. Neon High Frequency

Now that we have pointed out the similarities and differences of both the argon high-frequency electrode and neon high-frequency electrode, we hope that you get the full picture here. 

As these gases work differently to diminish different skin concerns, there can’t be any comparison of them. You must choose the one according to your skin concerns to receive the best results from your tool.